The Calm Mother
Are you planning to become or already are a mother?  Do you have anxiety about pregnancy, birth, or caring for your child? Do you have fears or scary thoughts you want to conquer so your head is clear to mother calmly? Come in and talk to me–mother-to-mother. It’s time to address your needs so that you can change yourself into the mother you want to be. All the change you desire in your life starts with you taking the step to heal yourself first.

Trauma Treatment
Have you experienced an event that was distressing, terrifying, or felt life-threatening to you? Do thoughts about this event keep popping up in your mind or do you have nightmares? Are you avoiding anything or anyone because of what happened? Maybe you sometimes think bad things about yourself that you know are not true but feel true? Trauma can be caused by a variety of issues–a very distressing event (accident, attack, disaster, etc.), ongoing intense stress, abuse/neglect (physical, sexual, or verbal), etc. You may feel anxious, depressed, guilty, shocked, angry, and more as a result of what has happened.  These are normal responses to trauma, but you do not have to continue experiencing these symptoms. There is real treatment available to resolve the trauma so you can feel calm, safe, and joyful again. In 2016, I completed EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) psychotherapy training in order to further my ability to help clients with trauma. I continue additional training in EMDR psychotherapy and work with clients with complex trauma and PTSD on a regular basis.

Re-parenting the Parent 
Do you worry about parenthood and how to be a better parent than your parents were? Do you catch yourself thinking, “I never want to do what my parent did to me?” It isn’t enough to simply know what you don’t want to be; you need to have a vision of what you are going to become and how you will actually be different. This requires exploring your own emotions and thoughts about how you were parented and understanding what it is that you need to do to be a present and helpful parent to your child’s life. Contact me today to begin your journey to healthy parenthood so your children can look back someday and say, “Thanks for being my example of an awesome parent.”

The Relationship Connection
All relationships face tough times, but it is how they grow through those challenges that determines whether or not the relationship will last. I help partners develop respectful communication, set healthy boundaries, and re-establish an emotional connection. Let’s create the space for addressing your relationship issues and improving your future together so you look forward to talking to each other again.

Creative Freedom Sessions
Are you a creative person–writer, poet, artist, maker? Are you struggling with bringing the vision in your head out and into the reality of your creative form? It’s time to give attention and thought to the blocks in your process so you can set yourself free to create. Come and explore your blocks; it’s time to unlock your true potential and finish that creation you that only you can create.