Becoming Truly YOU
Have you heard “everything starts with you” and “change yourself first”? Thought those sound like a good place to start but have no idea how to do that? You start by investing in getting to know yourself better. Making a commitment that no matter what, you want to know yourself and heal yourself. When you uncover who you truly are beneath all of that pain, you set yourself free to be the uniquely amazing person you are. Are you ready?

The Calm Parent
Whether you are becoming a first-time parent or you already are a parent, parenting from a calm place is challenging! Fears and scary thoughts pop into every parent’s head. Or maybe you worry that you are going to parent your child exactly the way that you were parented and you want to change that? Come in and talk to me–parent-to-parent. It’s time to address your needs so that you can become the parent you want to be. Before that thing you swore you’d never say to your kid spews from your mouth. All the change you desire in your life starts with you taking responsibility for you. You can be the role model for your child. After all, our children watch our actions more than our words.

The Relationship Connection
All relationships face tough times, but it is how they grow through those challenges that determines whether or not the relationship will last. I help partners develop respectful communication, set healthy boundaries, and re-establish an emotional connection. Let’s create the space for addressing your relationship issues and improving your future together so you look forward to talking to each other again.

Upsetting Events and Trauma Treatment
Have you experienced an event that was distressing, terrifying, or felt life-threatening to you? Do thoughts about this event keep popping up in your mind or do you have nightmares? Maybe you sometimes think bad things about yourself that you know are not true but feel true? Trauma can be caused by a variety of issues–a very distressing event (accident, attack, disaster, etc.), ongoing intense stress, abuse/neglect (physical, sexual, or verbal), or a comment someone made that you can’t stop thinking about. You may feel anxious, depressed, guilty, shocked, angry, and more as a result of what has happened.  These are normal responses to trauma, but you do not have to continue experiencing these symptoms. There is real treatment available to resolve the trauma so you can feel calm, safe, and joyful again. Ask me about EMDR psychotherapy treatment.

Creative Freedom Sessions
Are you a creative person–writer, poet, artist, maker? Are you struggling with bringing the vision in your head out and into the reality of your creative form? It’s time to give attention and thought to the blocks in your process so you can set yourself free to create. Come and explore your blocks; it’s time to unlock your true potential and finish that creation you that only you can create.

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