You feel overwhelmed and stressed. You get lost in the anxious thoughts rushing through your mind. You worry about things that haven’t happened…yet. You doubt yourself, wonder how you can get everything done that you need to do, and are afraid of what other people would think if they knew your thoughts, your beliefs, or your real desires. Sometimes you think, “If they really knew who I am, they would reject me, and I would be alone.”

Because of this, you feel like you are an actor, showing a different face to different people because you have to be what they expect. You don’t want to push anyone away. The fear that you may not be able to meet everyone’s expectations causes you panic. You don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Meanwhile, none of the many roles you fill or labels given to you quite fit you. They also do not satisfy you. You are tired of and even hurt by some of the labels you have been given: black sheep, perfectionist, highly sensitive person, gifted, rebel, idealist, unconventional, people-pleaser, entrepreneur, counter-cultural, Millennial, queer, multipotentialite, codependent, etc. You could go on with all the ways you have been told that you are “different” or even “wrong”.

Although you are always afraid you’ll make a mistake, you are the responsible, helpful, empathic friend that other people need. You constantly re-hash conversations or question the choices you make, looking for how you could have done better. You have a strong drive to improve yourself and be a better person.

You’d like to feel confident, capable of handling the stress in a peaceful way, and able to trust yourself and your own decisions. You desire to be a kind person, loving partner, gentle parent, and genuine friend while yet having your own identity. You crave to be seen and accepted as you are, the same way you strive to accept others. Most importantly, you are ready to examine your struggles to become the person you envision yourself being in the future.

Revealing or uncovering who you are can feel so difficult. I can help you find your starting point, calm your fears, and tackle those conversations, because I’ve been there. I’ve walked through the fears and challenged the risk in order to discover the rewards becoming my true self. I’ve also learned how to safely express myself. You can learn as well. 

Together we customize counseling to help you obtain the goals you set. Your plan will include real stress management skills that actually work for you because you get choices and provide feedback on what works or not. Self-care, healthy boundaries, communication skills, and emotional intelligence are woven into our work as needed to assist your process. Next, we will find the root problem of your issues and resolve it, as you are ready to face it.

The best thing you have to offer the world is yourself. As you change your life for the better, your changes may begin the ripple effect which will change the world. Your investment in your mental health and emotional well-being is a gift you give to yourself and everyone you interact with in your life.

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